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yesterday i bought bunch of echinodorus tene, today my plant has arrived i was surprised i got unknown plants inside my package , they're really small and not in good condition and i dont know what kind of plants are those
Plant Botany Leaf Vegetation Grass

i believe this is ludwigia arcuarta but not sure i think this is emersed plant
Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Houseplant Glass

i guess this is rotala red cross also not sure
Plant Botany Flower Houseplant Terrestrial plant

i dont know this
Plant Houseplant Botany Organism Vegetation

Plant Botany Leaf Vegetation Organism

Organism Terrestrial plant Twig Plant Grass

Plant Leaf Botany Terrestrial plant Vegetation

Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Grass Twig

also i dont know this weird plant
Plant Botany Leaf Insect Arthropod

Plant Flowerpot Houseplant Terrestrial plant Grass

sorry if the image kinda suck , its hard for my phone to get focus

thanks in advance 😃😃
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