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are you ok ?
I'm going to set up a planted aquarium with profile pictures below.

igwami grass for aquarium floor plant.

I got an aquarium with a View link below for the plant.

The water volume of 77 liters aquarium without decor and substrate.

*** Here are a few simple tips may Watt Power LED aquarium needs? The perfect lawn photosynthesis and growth are good?

Solderless CREE XT-E Royal Blue LED (440-445nm)

Solderless CREE XP-G / XP-G2 Cool White LED 6500K

Solderless CREE XP-E Photo Red (660nm) Or Solderless Philips Rebel ES (660nm) Deep Red LED (4 pcs)

Solderless CREE XP-E Green LED (520nm) 3W LED

*** Of each of the LEDs above I get a few numbers you think?

One of my friend lives in Seattle and I am from Iran to connect with you. The possibility of buying LEDs have Cree and other equipment.

Cut-To-Length Heatsink Kits

Cree company, has produced one watt power LEDs?

" Thank you in advance that you will guide me patiently. "


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