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Help for corner tank

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Okay so I have my 54 gallon corner bowfront tank. I'm about sold on a betta sorority for this tank plus some cories and maybe 1 other school of something like rasboras. I do already have a breeder who has 15 female baby bettas being raised with rasboras that I will probably just take all in one group.

The substrate is 1 inch of floramax covered with 2 inches of black diamond blasting sand. I have a Finnex Ray 2 light fixture as well as a clip-on shop light for the back corner which I haven't gotten a bulb for yet. I will be doing liquid ferts and liquid CO2. I have root tabs and clay tabs for the root feeders.

I am sure I ordered too many plants, but I have 4 other tanks I can distribute the leftovers to. My plants should arrive today! I have:
12 assorted anubias
12 assorted java ferns
6 medium sized (8 inch) ruffled swords
2 10-12 inch amazon swords who have created about 8 baby swords between them
countless stalks of moneywort and some anacharis
5 large bunches of water sprite
5 large bunches of ludwigia
A ton of wisteria
5 large bunches of aponogeton crispus
5 large bunches of bacopa
a couple bunches of rotala
5 large bunches of cabomba
a wad of some floating something which I can't remember what I ordered
several bunches of java moss
maybe some pennywort?
I'll put a picture below of the tank as it is now. Ignore the cloudy glass, as my daughter smeared the front with a healthy portion of hand lotion for whatever reason. I'm thinking of putting the large driftwood in the middle back in a different spot/configuration. Maybe rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise so it's sitting more on that V and putting it slightly off center toward the left. The ledges with the pebbles in them will also have plants in them - probably anubias or maybe a couple of the plants that require a higher light. I know I'm going to drive myself insane planting and re-planting if I don't make a game plan first. I think this will give me enough density and cover for a sorority. I also put the little clay pots in the background as some hidey-holes, and they each have a small ledge in front to put a plant on to obscure the opening. I also might flip the background around to the black side, but I'll see how the blue against the green of the plants looks.

I also have another small piece of driftwood I could put in there - about the size of a...hamster? And I have 2 large pieces of lava rock each about the size of an Xbox controller that I can put in.