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Help for beginner???

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In the last week, I have had some hair algae start to develop in my tank and some algae (green or brown) on my glass. What would you recommend for me to help manage the algae....another Amano shirmp, a snail, a cat fish, etc.??

Below are my tank details...

I have a moderately planted tank that has been set up for a 2 months. It is a 8 g. (actually more like 6 gallons if you calculate the total volume) aqueon cube with 2 inches of eco complete (no other substrate, root tabs, etc). It has a moderate intensity LED (equivalent to about 3 watts per gallon) that is currently on a timer for 9 hours per day.

I have a very peaceful Beta (added at beginning) and 4 Celestial Pear Danios which are less than 1" (added about a week ago). I also have a cherry shrimp and Japanese Amano shrimp. I change 1.5--2 gallons every 3 weeks or so.

I add the bottle recommended amount of the following:

A. Fioruish Excell every other day (I've heard every day is bad for my Anacharis)
B. Flourish Comprehensive weekly
C. Flourish Iron weekly
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Too much light. Reduce the time is on or raise the fixture. If that doesn't work you may need co2.
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