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Help! Fire/Painted Reds keep dying >,<

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So I have a 13 gallon tank with some marimo balls and a moss tree (made with sand blasted manzanita and xmass moss) and eco complete substrate. The filter is a hob with a sponge.
My shrimp were doing ok but recently I have been having one die over night for the past 3 days.

Water Perimeters are:
Ph: 7.4-7.6
Ammonia: 0
Gh: 11 - 12
Kh: 6-7

I thought it could be the following so:

Too much food (so I haven't feed for 3 days)
CO2 (so I took out my diy co2 reactor)
Possibly the fertilizer? (so I stopped dosing Flourish Excel)
Fish stressing them? (removed all (7) of my Neon Tetras
PH swings at night,hence they always die overnight? (but KH is high enough so it prob isn't?)

Now I am thinking that maybe the manzanita is the culprit? I didn't boil it or anything.

The other shrimp seem active. They are feeding on the tree, sponge filter or substrate.
I had 2 berried females but one dropped her eggs.

None of the food I provide has copper (Fluval shrimp food, algae pellets and fish flakes)

I age water and/or I also use API water conditioner

I feel like everything is in order but my shrimp keep dying and it is very frustrating.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated :D
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