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HELP!!!! Dying and Sick Zebra Danios!!!!

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Hey guys.
I have had 7 Zebra Danios in a cycled and planted tank, for 3 days now.
Yesterday and today, 3 died total.
Today, I did a 40%ish water change. However, I am noticing that every Zebra Danio's fins are ripped and some of them have this white, cottoney, and hairy stuff coming from their tails.
As of today I have no ammonia and as of 3 days ago I have no nitrites.
The temperature is about 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
What is this?
Why is it happening?
How can I make it better?
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Whitish-cottony-hairy stuff may be fungus or bacterial.
Fungus often move in on compromised tissue. Some other problem started, then the fungus started growing.
Bacterial might be something like Columnaris, but I suggest you do more research and look at pictures of this disease.

At the current time, without knowing the problem it is impossible to name a medication.
Treatment would be aimed at reducing the number of pathogens in the tank, and optimizing the water parameters for the fish. Lots of water changes with good filter maintenance and vacuuming the floor of the tank.
Make sure the temperature is optimum for the fish (Zebra Danios prefer cooler water than many tropical fish). Fairly soft water, pH about neutral or somewhat lower.

The torn fins can be from any of at least 3 problems, or perhaps something else.
1) During the chase and capture, the tails got torn.
2) Fin rot can soften the tissue so the fins (tail fins or other fins) can split. Fin rot can be caused by any of several bacterial diseases.
3) Zebra Danios can chase and nip each other, and can do damage like that.

Once the fins are torn fungus can start growing on the damaged tissue.
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I am starting to think that this is a fungal infection.
I looked at some pictures of fungal fin infections on Google Images, and I saw more of white patchy/cottoney substances on fins of fish.
Is their any way I can be 100% sure about the origin of this substance?
Also, the fins are beginning to look worse and worse more of it is getting "eaten away". If this is fin rot and a fungal infection together, could I use some melafix and an anti-fungal curing medicine together to kill this substance and help my fish.
BTW, my fish are not eating anymore.
what kinds of medicines should I buy?

The cottoney growths are only on the edges of the fins BTW.
Are you positive?

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that hair white stuff i had on my guppies i moved to a diff tank add salt and wait they wer fine after a week the stuff sort of lifted from them after the had wounds my frien added ich treatment this fixed them i am not sur abut ur fish but u may try this as Bettatail said it probely is most deffentatly possitivly Columnaris
If you have Melafix and Pimafix on hand, get started with it, but I think the problem is too aggressive for these surface medications.
As soon as you can get to the store and get some actual antibiotic that targets Gram negative bacteria. You might find a combination product that also has some activity against fungi.
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