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Hopefully someone can help me. I am newer to the dry ferts regime and decided to go to liquid dosing (using EI) on my 20g tank. I was doing dry 20-40g dosing:

KNO3 1/8 tsp 3x week
KH2P04 1/32 tsp 3x week
K2S04 1/32 tsp 3x week
then alternating days
CSM+B 1/32 tsp 3x week
FE (DPTA 11%) 1/64 3x week.

In playing with a calculator today:
Here's what I get for dosing in a 250ml bottle using a 30ml (about an ounce):

KNO3: 3.5 tsp = 17.69ppm
KH2P04: 1/2 tsp = 2.51ppm
K2S04: 3.5 tsp = 15.93ppm
then alternating days (and solution)
CSM+B: 3/4 tsp - .33ppm
FE (DPTA 11%): 1/2 tsp = .34ppm

in looking at the two it appears that I was under dosing K2S04 and KN03 when I was dry dosing?

Am I looking at this correctly? Am I way off base?

I also to a 40/50% water change once a week with RO water as my GH is off the charts (i think due to the stone in the tank, Seiryu).

thank you for any input you can give me!

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