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Help Determining Lighting (10 gallon cube)

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I've just converted a 12 gallon nano cube into a freshwater aquarium. Once I got the substrate in and a few decorations, I'm looking at having around 10 gallons of actual H2O in it.

I've got a clip on lamp, and am wondering how strong a bulb to put into it. I'm hoping for low to moderate lighting.

Any suggestions on brands that have a good daylight spectrum? I looked at Home Depot for a 6500k bulb, but there daylight bulbs were closer to 10,000k.
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I can't find clip ons that allow me to center the light! Especially for my 10 gallon! They seem to extend way passed the tank. Also, I can't find a clip on that is strong enough to keep just above the water, they want to sink over time. What brand and model did you get!? I don't want my light to fry my fishes!

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