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Help--danio swimming sideways

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I just got back from vacation to find one of my glowlight danios swimming on his side--he looks normal otherwise, and will eat, but as he moves he turns, like a corkscrew. Obviously something's badly wrong, but what? Is there anything I can do for him? Is this likely to be an injury, or something that could infect my other fish? (I can't treat the tank, b/c I have shrimp, but I could move him, or everyone, to a QT and dose them w/ something). Everyone else looks fine. (Tank has 6 glowlight danios, 4? otos, 12+ red cherry shrimp, lots of ramshorn and malaysian trumpet snails. params this morning, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, nitrates 10. temp was a little high yesterday--got to 85 before I turned the AC on)

Any thoughts? I guess I'm going to have to put the little guy down, but I hate to do it...

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Mine just started doing this Monday. I believe it's just old age. He's been doing it all week and hasn't died yet.

When he sleeps at night he lays on his side on the bottom of the tank. Then when he wakes up he swims in circles.
it could be old age or he might have an bacterial infection causing his equalybrium to go. bacterial infections are usually noticeable by discoloration (dark splotches) it would not hurt to do a dosing for the whole tank with a non-dylox antibiotic for a week just to make sure you don't have any nasties like the dreaded neon tetra desease.
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