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I recently started getting this algae in my tank and I was hoping you could help me figure it out. Im thinking it's bba but im not sure. I took 2 different pictures with my phone. I hope you can see them ok. I just started dosing flourish excel at 2 capsules two times a week because I read that this can help get rid of it. let me know if there something else I should be doing. I'm also not sure if this is related but my amazon sword leaves have begun curling and my water wisteria leaves are starting to turn brown. this is a 55 gallon community tank. I recently switched the substrate to floramax and floutite mix and added some Malaysian driftwood. Ammonia and nitrites are zero and nitrate is around 20ppm. ph is 7.4. not sure of the other parameters because i don't have a test kit for them yet.

ETA: I have a tetra wisper 60 hob filter and recently removed the second penguin 330 filter as i felt it was not necessary. stock is 7 neon tetra, silver molly, 2 male guppies, snail and 2 corys. Lighting is two standard 15W bulbs. one is 4200K and one is 6500K. I will be replacing the 4200k soon with another 6500k. Nothing else happeningg here. I am trying to start a low tech low light planted tank and so far all I have is alge lol.

Here you can see the dots on my sword

And here it is on my anacharis
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