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Tank Size
65 Gallon 36'' L 18'' W 24'' H

50% Black Eco Complete 50% Generic Gravel

36'' Dual HO t5 light fixture with a 39w "plant-grow" and 39w "flora freshwater"
Also a 24'' t8 with a "planted tank" light

Seachem Excel, Seachem Iron, and Seachem "comprehensive supplement", Seachem Equilibrium, Mono-potassium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate
I do bi-weekly 50% water changes.

One problem I have been having is that my fish are getting bigger (angel, uaru, severums, peacock, large gouramis) they love picking at the plants.

If there is anything I could change and or improve, or if plants in my tank just isn't realistic. please help me out.

What plants would be the best?!
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