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Help choosing lighting

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Hello. I have a 29 gallon, 18 inch high tank. I currently have a single T8 so I am in very low light. I have low light plants (anubias, crypt wendtii, java fern and moss). They have been in the tank for 3 weeks and are doing okay. This is my first time with live plants.

My fertilization plan is macro ferts with PPS-Pro daily and micro with flourish comprehensive weekly. I also dose metricide 14 daily. I just started the macros and the glut a few days ago, so I am still brand new to this stuff. Glut started very conservatively (due to my nano fish) and will be built up over the next several weeks.

So, to my point. I want to upgrade my lighting to "match" my current fertilization plan. I want to be in the higher reaches of "low light" so that my plants will grow better and thrive, while still staying safely away from a light intensity that would require pressurized CO2.

I have been shopping, posting and generally looking for a used dual T5-NO fixture; I had planned to elevated a few inches over an open top. However, I have been unsuccessful finding one as of yet. To purchase a new aqueon or coralife, I would spend around $60. For not too much more, I could get an LED 30-inch fixture (like a Finnex planted +, for instance). This is tempting because of the allure of LED with it's moonlight features and great level of light display, however, I don't want to overshoot my lighting goals.

So, knowing what I am wanting in lighting and my plant goals in general, should I stick with my dual T5-NO search or go with a finnex planted + or other LED option.