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Hagen elite filter(co2 reactor) + DIY co2

bought one from w/ 10% d/c promo code Zen10
12$ shipped

sad to say it diffuses better than my 55$ ADA pollen glass diffuser. =(

Im selling an Eheim 2213 used just need media which u can get for 10$ on and tube(LFS under 10$)
45$ shipped 35$ picked up
Its perfect for a nano.

If not want a canister i and choose to go with a HOB filter i recommend Aquaclear

I also have a fishneedit 70watt Metal halide if you need it for your 30gal tank. it would be perfect. comes with all hanging kits. used for 1yr bulb is still bright.
selling for half the price 70$ shipped. I need money to pay my speeding ticket =(

Will also toss in some plants and shrimps at half price. =)
I have RCS and CRS grade A and S.
and the list of plants are in my 60P journal
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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