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Help canary water idea

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My husband has a room of birds. I have to fill their water dish daily and clean them with bleach occasionally. I was thinking for fun or practical uses to have a pond pump hooked up to a reservoir to distribute filtered water to all the cages on the wall. That would be easier and for vacations. I don't know if this plan is at all practical or the first thing about pond pumps or maybe a sump???

Would this work?

If not, why not?

Now maybe a similar setup to aquaponics but without fish?? I don't know anything about that either.
I am googling here about this, but maybe there is something I am not seeing. Thanks!
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to clarify, you're looking to have one central reservoir and pump, to distribute a relatively small amount of water to multiple watering stations? Are you planning to recirculate the water from the cages back to the reservoir?
Yes and yes.

The biggest problem so far in my head is bird feathers and seeds clogging the system.
A quick check online brings up Automated Bird Watering .

You don't mention how many birds and or cages but this type of system sounds easy enough to install, customizable and offers clean water.

I'm sure there are similar products available elsewhere but the site I linked gives you somewhere to start looking.
The biggest problem so far in my head is bird feathers and seeds clogging the system.
Yeah,that was the only real obstacle I saw too. The clogging would be an easy, but intricate system to overcome. A float switch attached to a shutoff valve would do nicely to stop flow to an individual clogged dish. You'd have to have individual setups, or maybe 2 or 3 on a switch/valve circuit, depending on how many cages you have.
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