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Hellooooo Mainers :)

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I'm in Portland. Nice to see some other Mainers:icon_mrgr
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Hi fellow Mainers (and Mainers to be) I have lived here since 2005 up in Wiscasset. I started with 1-20 gallon and now I have 3 - 20g, 1-40g(turtle house right now) and what will be the turtles home a 55g (my husband is thrilled). Once I move Yertle the Turtle to his new home, I want to plant and stock the 40 g. I am looking for some ideas for the 40 gallon. I have been just winging it with the 20g until recently ( I know basic stuff but want to expand my knowledge and enjoyment). I love to watch the fish swim, it helps me to relax after a long day. The only known occupant for the 40g at this point is an 8" common pleco, the only fish my husband likes. Not sure what I will do with him when he outgrows the 40g. Here is what I have to date:

20g- Pleco and kuhli loaches (tank has snail problem thanks to a plant from petco)
Staghorn ferns

20g - Guppies (feeders for the Turtle, sorry if that upsets anyone, but I take good care of
them and I do like to watch them as well)
white pleco
Staghorn ferns and Amazon Swords - this is the only tank i have that my plants just
thrive in, use the excess in my other tanks, but still have problems getting them to
20g 4 Tetras
white pleco
Amazon Sword, Fern (not sure what kind) and stag horn fern.
I appreciate any input on the 40g, I will be starting the switch over in about 2 weeks.
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