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HelloLights Deal $10 for 55/65W PC bulbs

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Just got the e-mail.

$10.00 55W/65W TRU Compact Fluorescent Lamps!

TRU Compact Fluorescent lamps are manufactured using the highest quality materials available. They are perfect for use with all of the popular hoods and retrofits available in the hobby. The sale applies to both square pin and straight pin models.
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square 6700k 65w for $10, nice find epic.
too bad I'm already stock up on bulbs :icon_wink
just loaded up on them, that is an awsome price. pissed that i just bought those same bulbs for 20 bucks from them a month or so ago....
Now find me some 96W's for $10 :tongue:

Really nice find tho... I would pick up some if I didn't just get some and already have 3 spares :icon_frow
$7.50 For shipping kills the deal for me. :(

Wish I lived within pick-up distance!

Dave's Soda and Petfood City out here in W. Mass had 65w 8000k for $14 the other day.
your lucky, 65w cf bulbs here run like 30 bucks a piece, if you can even find them....
Wow nice deal! Even at $17 after shipping that's still cheap.

Thanks Epic. ;)
Thank you for posting this. I plan on making an order later this week. Much better then paying $30 per bulb!
Is there any differences between the brand coralife and the normal one they sell for cheap?
Good Deal. I just made my order. I was just thinking recently about getting new lights because one of my two is really fading (its a old light).
Including shipping, I just paid for two bulbs less than what I paid for one in town.
Well Like I said, I just placed my order real early this morning. I just checked my email and learned that the two lights had already been shipped via UPS. Now thats fast.
Cool deal.

Thanks Epicfish for the great find.

Is there any differences between the brand coralife and the normal one they sell for cheap?
nah, it's all the same crap.
I'd rather have a cheap fresh bulb every year,
then buy some deluxe bulb every two year.
I will gladly take any one or two year old PC bulbs off your hands. My last 55w bulbs finally burned out after 4 years, and the new ones don't grow plants any better.
I have one old one that I'll let you have just for shipping but it might be a little while because I am right in the middle of moving and don't have a whole bunch of time. It is a 4 pin straight configuration 65 watts, 20 inch, 10,000 K daylight.
I can't guarantee how it will arrive. I heard the used bulbs are more fragile and break easy.
I'm not seing anything other than actinic. Maybe I missed out, no biggie.

Edit> dang their search... when you search for TRU it finds 6 bulbs. If you navigate to the brand TRU it finds like several pages of bulbs.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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