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Hello! My name is Mame. I just joined this forum a few minutes ago and thought I'd post an introduction of some sort.

I currently have a few betta tanks and a 10 gallon terrarium. I also have a 10 gallon domestic mouse tank and a couple of great house rabbits. I joined this forum because I'm planning on starting a "low tech" 29 gallon planted betta sorority community in the near future, and I wanted to do some more research on planted tanks. This will be the first aquarium I've ever had that will be more than 3 gallons and I want to be ready. :)

Looking forward to meeting you all! :D
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Hiya, nice to meet more Coloradans here. There are quite a few of us around the state, all are very nice and more than willing to help you out. When you get a chance, stop into Aqua Imports off 29th. If you see a plant online you want, ask Jon there, and he will see if he can get ahold of it for you.
Welcome to the forum. This is a great site for any planted question or pretty much any other question you have.
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