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Hi, I'm Dave.
I have recently become an aqua hobbyist once I had become interested in aquaponics. I want a cheap and reliable source of non-gmo foods and herbs; and what better way than to produce them right at home. Or more specifically in my present, experimental, state; right in my bedroom. With a friend of mine that had already found an interest in aquatics, I then moved onto designing these planted aquariums out of the fascination of building an organic and more natural environment in my room. The heat that was emitted from my first three tanks heated my room for the most part over the winter. That didn't even include the 20 gallon that I got more recently. I have learned a lot, the hard way typically since I jumped into it head first and then started doing research into my species and conditions. But that's just how I had always been. Both with my computer career and my new interest in automotive that I had to acquire after having been ripped off. My choices were sell or junk the car and loose quite a bit of money, pay Volkswagen like 7k or more to repair it, or get my skilled mechanic friend to help me, and learn quite a bit along the way.
Anyway, I will try to be an active member of the community here. I will be trying to build some DIY equipment in the near future. Also you can find me on the forums of if you are interested in carnivorous plants. I want to make a terrarium that will be set behind my tank for a natural backdrop and I will have a venus flytrap in it. Along with other interesting plants.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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