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Hello to Everybody, as Well as a Picture of My Tank

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Hello everybody!

My name is Josh, and while I'm not new to fish keeping I am new to planted tanks. I have always had a couple live plants here and there in my tanks, but never to the point of making it an aquatic garden. When I was given a free 55 gallon setup, I decided now would be the time to try. I plan to eventually get a T5 lighting system, but right now it's a little beyond what I would like to spend, so I decided to go the low tech route for the time being. At the moment I have three Bleheri and several Java Ferns spread throughout the tank. I would love to have a nice ground cover plant that would do well in low light conditions as well, so if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them out there.

As far as fish go I have a few cherry barbs (which came with the tank) that I will probably hold on to if for nothing else than to keep the tank cycled. When I was given the tank I made my best effort to preserve as much of the old water that I could. After several tests over the last two weeks the levels are still normal. I have always loved loaches and will soon be adding a few species, depending on what is available at my LFS. If they have them, I intend to get a small group of Botia kubotai.

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Welcome to the forum ! Great looking tank , I like how you set the driftwood and the plants will compliment it once they have grown especially the sword .
Welcome! You could take that hood off and hang compact fluorescent lights (spiral ones) over your tank for cheap lighting.
You can have most plants in low light, they're just gonna grow slow and you will need less ferts and probably no co2.

Contact the seller here in the community to buy a n assortment of plants.

As for ferts please don't waste money in liquid ferts and get dry salts. There is also people selling them here.

More light requires more investment, watch out. The more light you have, more co2 is needed for te plants to be able to use nutrients. Algae can use the nutrients without co2, therefore high light can be an algae farm if done wrong.
Is there a good place online to buy the ferts I need?
Here at TPT. There is somebody selling dry ferts, the good thing about buying here from other hobbyists is that you get a one to one kind of service. I think is about 25 bucks for the whole set shipped.

I bought mine at green leaf aquariums, another website trusted by several members here.

I encourage you to reconsider getting a paintball co2 at least, is not such a big investment compare to the benefits.

Just post a thread titled "WTB dry ferts and paintball co2" and people will contact you with offers. At least you know how much the co2 will cost and you can get only the ferts.

Trust this site, I whish I did earlier it would have saved me a lot of money. Hundreds.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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