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Hello All! I'm new to these forums, however Ive been over at for a few months now. I recently purchased a 29 gallon euro bowfront tank with a mirrored back and I have decided to attempt a planted freshwater tank! I currently have a 40g FOWLR (Fish Only :fish:With Live Rock) and a 12g Nano Reef tank.

I already partially filled the tank and added the substrate...this was my first mistake...I used plain aquarium gravel :icon_redf ... Any Ideas on how to fix this?

Lighting-wise, the tank came with an "Eclipse Natural Daylight" F15T8 18" bulb in the fixture. There is no wattage listed on the'm unsure there... :confused: What is the recommended lighting set-up for a planted FW tank?

As for filtration I will be using an old Hagen AquaClear 50 that I had laying around the house.

Last but not least is there an area of the site specifically made to answer noob questions like the ones I'm asking? :cool: If so...I would be glad to read it! I know how old it probably gets answering the same 5 or so questions over and over! :sleep:

Thanks in advance for everyone's time and help! I'm glad to be a member of the Planted Tank community! :biggrin:
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Yeah, read the articles on here first. It's informative.
a 18" bulb is usually 15Watts.
Well welcome. The articles here are a great start, also there is the FAQ section and another good site (worked for me when I started) is Rex's site.
When I started I read it, then read it again, and again.
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