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Hello all! Philip J Fry here, but you can call me Blake. I have recently started a project building a custom Bio Active Vivarium that I plan to house a Flame Crested Gecko in. I'm in early stages of the build but moving along quickly. I don't have any friends that also share this passion. So I am reaching out on this form to make some.

So my project details are as follows;
Tank is a used 36 gal bow front tank aquarium I picked up for free :)
Main construction materials are PVC pipe and eggcrate for sub-frame and then coated in expanding foam. This is a method I have not seen used before. But I believe it to work much better then just spraying foam around especially if you're making a second layer as I am that will bear true weight.
For background, it will be cork bark pieces and more expanding foam. Okay okay, enough talking let's see some pictures... Fine, but when I first started this project I wasn't intending to share so the first pictures I was taking aren't the most beautiful so no judging.

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