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Hello!! new member after advice

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Hey Everyone,

I'm new on here and I would like a bit of advice. I currently have a 60l tank set up. The picture is below.

At the moment I have ludwigia repens, Anubias barteri var. nana, vallis, some java moss and an unknown plant (I think another anubias species). I have some hygrophilia polysperma, java fern and pygmy chain swords on order from an online plant shop which will be planted next week.

My fish are:
Pair of bredding Kribs
1 x male dwarf gourami
2 x neon tetra
3 x guppies
4 x black phantom tetra
2 x oto's
3 x japonica shrimp

I have still have the standard light fitted that came with the set up, it is an 18" 15W T8 light.

I was planning on concerntrating on the planted side of things and was wondering if it would be worth upgrading the lights and maybe getting some CO2 equipment?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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Welcome, first the unknown plant looks like Aubius nana to me.
60 l is about 15 gallons, and IMHO I think you might need a bit more light, maybe just a second 15 watt to get to low-lighting.
If you decide to really upgrade the lights (> 2 WPG), please have the CO2 ready they kind of go hand in hand.
My hood only has sockets for 1 bulb though. How would I go about upgrading? Would i need to buy a whole new hood?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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