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Hello new here need help! Cloudy Water!

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We just bought a used 110 gallon fresh water tank, we got it home and set it up about 2 weeks ago. We are using the bio wheels from my husbands tank, One 90 gallon filter, one 50 gallon filter, I put brand new white sand (after rinsing it of course) I used some of the old water (maybe two gallons total) I've got 2 small plants and two large plants, the heater, NO lights, one huge live rock (did not rinsed it) two med size live wood (not rinsed either) one small Jack Damsey one med Jack Damsey and a small sucker fish (maybe med) I only added the fish after one week because the readings were good! Now the water is cloudy (like white dust)! Why? What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me?! is getting worst! Im planning on doing a water change today if I don't hear any different. Thank you!!!!
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