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Definantly do a water change, when in doubt especially when cloudy change the water. There are very few instances when it doesnt help, and that is usually only when medicating. How good were the Bio Wheels cycled? It does sound like your tank is cycling, probably due to the small bioload with only two fish it took awhile to show up. Changing the water will probably fix it and watch your parameters before adding fish. With underpowered filters watch the amount of fish you put in as you don't want to overload them.

I would go with a larger filter if that is possible, I use oversized filters but I also have differnent tank needs. Also are these live plants? They will not do good without light, Also listing your parameters that your getting will also help diagnose the problem as well as pictures. People are always willing to help and there is a wealth of information already on here in the forums. If your a beginner there is threads and stickies about the tanks here.

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