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I'll start off by introducing myself, my name is absinthe_fi (hehe) and I'm an American living in Helsinki, Finland. I got into planted tanks a few months ago after seeing images of Takashi Amano's aquariums. At first, my original plan was to start a saltwater nano reef tank, but decided to take the planted tank plunge instead.

I bought all of my equipment (except for the 54l tank) from overseas, mainly from Aquaessentials UK, Aquaristic in Germany, and Fortunately I was able to acquire all the ADA equipment I have from the ADA American webstores due to my parents visiting me back in December 06. Otherwise, it's pretty difficult to get ADA equipment here in Finland since adaeuro doesn't answer emails and I've heard that the shipping costs an arm, leg and spleen. :tongue:

Here's a list of my equipment:

MP aquarien 54 litre tank
Jäger 50w heater
Eheim 2213 external filter
ADA Lily pipe inflow V0
ADA Lily pipe outflow P-2
Arcadia Overtank luminaire T5 2x24w
Aluminium/oak aquarium stand from Helsingin Akvaariokeskus
aquaristic.tec co2 tank + pressure resistant tubing
Papillon co2 pressure control
Dazs co2 bubble counter
co2 diffuser from aquaticmagic
Aquili co2 drop checker

ADA 13.5 litre nano tank
Azoo Mignon 60 HOB filter
Arcadia Arc-pod 11w light

substrate/planting equipment:

Mini landscape rocks (from aquaristic)
ADA Aqua soil Amazonia
ADA Power Sand Special-S
Normal bright aquarium sand
ADA Green Brighty Step 1
ADA Brighty K
ADA Green bacter
ADA Green Brighty Special Lights

For the 13.5l:

the same as above except I'm using Seachem Flourish and Excel.


Glossostigma for the 54l (only! i wanted to try out a glosso tank since that's what first got me into planted tanks :))

moss balls, java moss (both coming soon, bought it off ebay) and dwarf hairgrass for the 13.5l

I wasn't happy with the rocks i received from Germany, but i had no choice but to try and make them look "pretty" when they were arranged.

Here's the hardscaping for the 54l:

Planting, yesterday 24/01:

Picture of the tank earlier today:

The 13l was established for a month, then i redid the aquascaping yesterday as well. the tank has inhabitants, 5 amano shrimps, 2 crs (temporary here, will go into the 54l) and 4 Boraras maculatus (to also go into the 54l). Originally there were 6, but 2 had jumped out of a container when i was doing the aquascaping :( :( I do water changes everyday...

Planting the 13.5 l with dwarf hairgrass:

Picture of the tank earlier today:


Well that's it! Would like to hear what you guys think :)

Although I lurked and read a lot of articles on the net about planted tanks, I really have to thank all those on aqua-web IRCnet for putting up with my persistant questions...special thanks goes to rain- for all her help and patience with me! :smile:

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beautiful in its simplicity....if you are making it a Crystal Red tank, you need that type of scale to bring out the best in them. I think it will be eye candy when it fills in.
and I am glad you aren't just lurking anymore!
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