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Hello im a frog enthousiast

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Hello people,

My name is Lennert, and I now own a vivarium for more than 2 years.
Im the happy owner of 2 female Dendrobates tinctorius var. azureus and 1 male. (blue poison dart frogs) I rebuild an aquarium to a vivarium a very long time ago and it is still working amazingly and pretty fullgrown. I might post some pictures later since my phone smashed in pieces earlier this week.

Ive joined this forum because it looked pretty active to me and Ive just stumbled upon a problem. Ive just bought superfog nano from lucky reptile, and also the HumidityControl II.

Everything setup and monitored the humidity levels, which were yesterday at 80, and at night it went up to about 94 :\, I reckon this is a good thing since the frogs like humidity. So today at around 12 o clock (like 40 minutes ago) it still was 89, and I though lets activate the super nano fogger, however instead of going up (what I anticipated) it went down steadily to around 83.. so i shutted it off and now it is 81. My mind is just boggled..

I wanted to activate the fogger when the humidity dropped below 80 (automated system) but it seems like this is never going to happen (so probably my little ecosystem already works quite good by itself:), however I bought it, and now I want to use it. It is also possible to activate the humiditycontrol when it gets to high, for example 90 is activating, and than at 85 it shuts off, so i can still use it but the other way around.

So can anyone tell my why the fogger lowers my humidity hehe? :nerd:

Ive also just bought a Nano cube for crustacea, but for now it is still empty untill I have a clue about how I want to aquascape it..

Hope someone is willing and able to help me, thanks in advance.

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I am no expert so dont take this as gospel it is a hypothetical. The fogger causes humidity to precipitate out of the air and onto the ground. Once it stops and evaporation kicks in it goes to its hight point then slowly decreases. Not sure this is right but just a guess.
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