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Hello all,

Name is Kasey, been lurking around for a few weeks. Thanks to all for the great info. I'm not new to keeping aquariums. I have kept reefs to gold fish but never a planted tank. I recently took down my African cichlid tank. Keeping all the equiment to use on the planted tank.

Here is a quick list on what I have to use. 75 gallon DIY stand and canopy by me LOL. Plan to using my old filter eshoppe PF800 over box, mag 7 return housed in a 29 gallon sump ( currently have a 10g ) Lighting -4x T5 H0.

I'm still on the research stage of planning and will be taking the time to do it right. As far as plans for the tank, it would be would fall under a high tech tank. I still have a lot of unasnwered questions.

Co2 reactor, Cerges's DIY reactor is the only thing I see on the market that I want to use. Will it be ok to use with my over flow box and return pump?

T5 H0 - what bulbs should I run?

Substrate as of now I think I will be going with Eco Complete and dose with EI method ( Tom Barr )

let me know what you think, if I'm on the right tack or not. what can I change. Feel free to make any sugestions.

thanks Kasey
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