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Hello from South Texas

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Hello all. I live in Sunny South TX near Corpus Christi on the the Gulf of Mexico. I started about 12 years ago with African cichlids, and have progressed to 17 tanks and a patio pond, and now keep Central American cichlids and assorted tetras, rainbow fish and angel fish as well. I also have normal brown and albino breeding groups of Bristlenose plecos.
I have slowly been experimenting with planted set-ups with pretty good success, and recently set up my most ambitious planted tank to date, a 90 gallon New World tank in my living room. I'm looking forward to learning more from you folks on this forum.
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Hello and welcome!
I love cichlids too, right now I have a Red Devil cichlid he is about 8 inches or so, and trust me they live up to their name this fish is mean! But that's what makes him fun.

I tried to house him with my 9 inch highfin spotted pleco but he kept terrorizing it and almost kill him, so had to move the cichlid to his own tank.

Can't wait to see some future posts from you. Here's a picture of my Red Devil, you should post some picture up when you have time =)
Head Eye Water Blue Fin
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Nice fish! A friend on another forum has a breeding pair of these, and they are ferocious! They live in a big tank with driftwood that he calls "Hell's Kitchen".
Hello football from McAllen

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