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Hello from Pittsburgh (+ tank photos)

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Hi folks! :smile: My name is Sarah and I've been lurking for a while. I'm from Pittsburgh and just started keeping a planted tank a few months ago. I'm in the process of starting up a 29gal after having my 10gal for about 4 months. Everything is growing well and I'm excited to keep going! I'm still a newbie, but this is what I have running so far:


-Java Fern
-Java Moss
-Emersed Pothos
-I would love some help identifying the broad leaf plant in the foreground!

Dosing: Excel + Flourish w/ iron

-4 Harlequin Raspboras
-Emerald Cory
-Albino Pleco- small (Will move to 29g)
-Male "rescue" betta
-Various Assasain snails

-Substrate: Ecocomplete
-Light: Marineland 18" LED
-Filter: Topfin 10 Whisper (I know, I was new)
-Small sponge filter
-Heater: Generic (can't remember brand / wattage, but it gets the job done!)


-Substrate: Ecocomplete + Humus
-Light: Finnex Ray2 30"
-Heater: Aqueon Sumbersible 100W
-Filter: (I'll check later today)

As of now, all I have in there is a piece of driftwood with some java moss plantlets and a little anubias nana that might have not made it through a bleach dip so I'm floating it to see what happens. I'm also planning to DIY a warmer / pink LED strip to balance the washed out look from the Ray2. Planning to dose Excel + Florish but I'm not ready to set up CO2 yet— not enough experience. Maybe someday soon! I'm planning to stock with the pleco from the 10gal, 2 GBRs, and a peaceful school of something.

Anyway, that's what's going on over here! I'd absolutely love any plant or livestock suggestions for the 29gal, as well as anyone's favorite threads on DIYing LEDs. Thanks, hope y'all have a good day!
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I would bank your subtrate up on the left to create a hill and add some rocks to maybe create a cliff edge with that wood overhanging. Build your plants in between the rocks (monte carlo or even a grass). Java fern always gives a striking effect around wood.
You need to research a finished look to how you think you want it to be or have that image in your head at the start. Riccia fluitans look nice on wood, just dont add snails if you do because they will strip it all off. The good thing is that you have a blank canvas to work from. Good luck. Everyone is here to help

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