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Hello from Ohio!

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Hi everyone! I've had an account here for a little while, but this is my first post. I'm not new to fish keeping (I've had two other tanks, one of them being a small reef tank) but am relatively new to planted tanks. My current setup is a 75 gallon tank w/one planted + and one panted + 24/7 light, aquatop canister filter, one circulation pump, heater, and pressurized CO2 (I also dose EI). I am currently using pool filter sand as my substrate and am keeping Australian rainbows, platys, one angelfish, cherry barbs, bloodfin tetras, otocinclus, cory cats, and nerite snails. I currently have jungle val, lilly, ludwigia, and bacopa. I plan to change things up soon, though. As I change things, I'll update with new pics. The pic below is what it currently looks like.


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Welcome. Nice and orderly tank you got there.
Welcome to TPT! That's a nice setup you have there.
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