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Hello from Norway

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First post, so it´s only appropriate to make it an introduction.
I´ve kept aquariums for about 10 years. Although I´ve been restricted to nano-tanks, in addition to those that are "otherwise located" because of my situation as a student living in tiny apartments.

I´ve been lurking for a good while and thought I´d finally register to participate in the forums.

Planted tanks are part of, but not my sole interest in the aquarium hobby. This forum however seems to lack the «internet disease» of many others. That is the tendency of many to bash each other in order to feel a sense of superiority through a computer screen.

I find productive discussions, and the sharing of experiences to be a better option by far, and I look forward to participating!

I recently moved to a new apartment with my (very tolerant) girlfriend, and a full two days passed before we bought ourselves a 7-ish gallon nano-cube as a housewarming gift. Long before the dining table and other furniture.. :rolleyes: Two months later, it houses a Betta splendens, 3 Amano shrimp and a few Malaysian trumpet snails.

I also just bought a 40 gallon tank. Which is now test filled and waiting for me to find those pesky glass braces to fit a HMF corner-filter in there. It´s also waiting for a decision on lights. (Low to medium intensity LED´S). For stocking, I have considered everything from raising a young Sessasalmus sp. piranha, to breeding Endlers. It´s fair to say it´s still in the open..

In any case: Hi!
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