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I've been reading on here for a while, and finally got around to joining fairly recently.

I've got three planted tanks on the smaller side, with the largest (and the one with a few full-grown guppies, a couple platies, and a cat with whiskers that point up from the snout (I don't know what kind it is, only that it's between 3-4 inches long as an adult and apparently the pet store that gave one to me had gotten some from a customer who hadn't mentioned that they breed like crazy)) at 10 gal. The next largest (5 gal) contains ghost shrimp, 3 baby guppies, and an otto. The last one (2.5 gal) contains some baby platies, some red cherry shrimp, and a single green-ish tiger shrimp whose two regular tiger companions died, one in transit (and which the other normal colored one was eating on arrival) and one not long after arrival. Sadness. The green one is thrilled with life, though!

All are long established tanks whose balance is good with me only needing to add water every so often. Well, and food. :)

I'm hoping to get more tigers to keep the single tiger company and maybe breed with. It'd be cool to get ones that are also green, but I don't feel strongly about that. I _think_ the one I have is a female, purely based on the size compared to the normal-colored two.

I'm also thinking that I'll try to find someone nearby, since two of three died due to shipping stress from CA. Or possibly to weather, but they _did_ have a heat pack that was still warm, so unlikely.

Anyway. Hi!

Oh, I also have a backyard pond. :)
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