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Hello From Brazil!

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Hi to all of you, my name is Gustavo Soares, you might just nickname me however you wish though;
I come from Brazil, state of Ceará, and the city is called Fortaleza, we have a very stable climate of 27ºC (80,6ºF) all year round, it is a coastal city, so it is windy and not at all that bad;
I have been "seriously" fish keeping ever since I was 10-11 taking care of a 40 litres tank (10,5g) reading about nitrogen cycle and stuff... Nowadays I am 16 with 2 tanks running, 2 empty, should be selling one of them these days and getting two more soon;

Now, my tank setups currently are:

165x40x65cm 430l (65x16x25, 110g) African-South American tank;
8 Bichirs (3 Common senegals, 2 Albino senegals and 1 Delhezi)
1 Featherfin squeaker
1 African Knifefish
4 Juvenile Uarus
3 Aequidens diadema
1 Freshwater barracuda
Note: My plans around now are to get some Leopard Gouramis for this tank... that's for later though...

100x50x50 250l (40x20x20, 65g)
6 Teardrop Angelfish
8 Albino Glowlight Tetras
3 Sterbai Cory
3 Veil BN pleco (2 Albinos 1 Common)
Note: This little quasi-biotope is still needing a lot more of stock... a new school, more corys and some dwarf cichlid... that's for way later on though...

Now, why did I come here as I have not a single plant in my tanks ? For help with planning, you will soon see some threads in Substrate, Lighting, DIY, Water Parameters and so on...
The planted tank I am planning is to be a 60 litres (roughly 15,5g) low-tech Red Crystal Shrimp, starting from DSM with Cuba and Moss, I hope to bring interesting subjects to this forum and sure will need a lot of help :smile2:
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Welcome to the forum! This is the best place I have found to get advice and share information on planted tanks and other subjects of the aquarium hobby.

I have a lot of friends from Brazil, and I can also speak Portuguese. I haven't had the chance to visit the Country but I would like to visit it in a not so distant future.

I am also in the process dry starting a 12 gallon long rimless tank, where I expect to house some Crystal Red Shrimp.

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How nice, I didn't thought there would be many people who can speak Portuguese here, and we even (will) have tank with nearly the same volume and shrimp, a cool coincidence :hihi:

If you do come to Brazil, I would love to recommend you to visit Fortaleza's beach, they are awesome, (though you should be always aware of surroundings and keep expensive stuff in the hotel or hidden, that goes for most of Brazil unfortunately) but so are many other places here(I'm talking about awesome here), a special one for fish keepers, and specially planted tank keepers is Bonito city in Mato Grosso do Sul, in two days I am travelling there to stay a week, I'll be sure to upload some videos here, they have some very beautiful rivers, with lots of plants, schools of fish and crystalline water.
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