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Hello Friends- Question about some decorations

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Hello Everybody, I was an old member in this forum and I forgot all my profile and all. Anyway now that I can log in with FB is much easier. I have a small aquarium 5Gal that I'm 100% with it for fun. Nothing from other world, I am tired of doing strictly aquascaping and go with more fun. The tank have like 20-25 fishes by now, 2 filters, lots of plants, etc.. The thing is that I bought an Fairy garden kit fence decor, and is for decorations in terrariums, I don't know if I can use it for the aquarium, it looks heavy maybe made of iron but is painted. Still I want to use it, put some moss on it, make it looks real. I really need to repaint it with clearcoat?I will post pictures soon.

Here is the decor.


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