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Hi, I'm Pronk. I'm a freelance artist with a day job based out of Pittsburgh, PA. I used to have a few bettas and I worked at Petsmart before college, but that was 8 years ago. I started with a betta and a snail in a 2.5 a few months ago, since upgraded to a full on planted 10 gallon. He's much happier :)

Definitely been bitten by the bug, already working on setting up a breeding tank for ghost shrimp (well, a plastic storage container), gonna set one up for cherries, and maybe I'll start a dwarf puffer tank down the line (but you know, in an actual tank).

Ooh, and I have a .2 gallon pico I'm working on... I can already tell these small tanks are going to be addicting. Keeping my eye out a thrift stores for interesting containers.

I LOVE shrimp. And snails. And I want some freshwater spider crabs eventually... my 10 gallon would be an invert tank if I wasn't so attached my goober of a fish, heh.

Really excited about the direction the hobby has been going in. Already feel like I'm learning a lot more than when I worked at the pet store. Definitely never using coated colored gravel ever again. Or fake plants.

Anywho. Not much about me. I work a lot. I keep the tank by my desk and it's nice to have something to watch while I take a break.
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