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Hello Everyone, I'm a new member.

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This is my first go at freshwater tanks, after a 25 year sabbatical from the saltwater fish hobby. I had 8 tanks back then, from 20 gallons to 120 gallons. I stumbled across some photos of nicely aquascaped tanks a few months ago and I decided to give it a try. I've built several in-ground ponds over the years as well as many whiskey and wine barrel water gardens.I always especially liked the aquatic plants in these water features.

I've set up 3 tanks in the last 5 weeks, all outside. (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where the weather is fairly mild.)
All tanks dirted with pool filter sand.
*29 gallon with HOB filter and (part time) DIY Co2 (w/heater)
*40 gallon feeder (1/2 full) with very small internal filter (w/heater)
*20 gallon with small corner filter (no heater, about 50-55 degrees F)
*2 or 3 gallon vase with no filter, no airstone, no heater (average 60 degrees)

I have a new 75 gallon tank waiting to be set up this week. I hope that what I have learned outside in the last 5 weeks will enable me to come up with a decent aquascape.
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Welcome, can't wait to see your tanks.
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