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Hello co2

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Ok, so I have about $150 and a co2 tank from my uncle. Now I only need everything else. Anyone who has good suggestions, please speak.

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Haha, shweet. That's a good start. :D

You could look into the RexGrigg regulator with the solenoid, which is $140 shipped. Add a LPR, a bubble counter, and a diffusor for the whole shabang.
Or the manual regulator is $115 shipped. Same as above, for the whole setup.

Or, try the JBJ regulator. It's cheaper, and many people report good usage.

I just got all my parts this past week, after some research and asking around, and I went with the JBJ. It should be ~$70-80, comes with a bubble counter and I think a solenoid, add a $15 diffusor, then you're looking at $70 left over. You can use another $10-30 to fill up the CO2 tank (assuming it's empty) and you still have money left over to save for the next refill. :)
i have the JBJ..
used it for a year no problems

Hmmm... I think I'll go for a JBJ. I've heard from people on other forums that they work fine. Should I get a powerhead?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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