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Hello all

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I just signed up with these forums and wanted to say hi.

I'm from the Bourbonnais/Kankakee area (60 miles south of Chi town) and hopefully I'll get to some swapmeets.

I've had tanks all my life but was never into plants until recently mostly because most of my tanks have had larger fish in them and they would get destroyed. I've decided to dedicate my 55 gallon all glass to smaller types of fish like neons, corys, tetras, scissortails, etc, etc, and plants. I have a few other tanks also but I'm going to keep the larger fish in them or salt (75 plexi, 125 all glass, and a 30 allglass). The 55 is a newer setup because I wanted a black stand and tank so I gave my old one to a friend with all my plants, gravel, and accesories that was in it, so when it gets more established I'll upload some pics and stuff.
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Welcome to planted tank Ghostofct! You're not *too* far from Indianapolis and we've got a lot of swap meet type stuff coming up if you're into that. We're even hoping to host a major convention in 2009, *crosses fingers*.

Can't wait to see your pictures of the 55! Once you start on plants it is very easy to get hooked. Again, welcome!

Hello and welcom to the forum.:) This is one of the great for planted tanks. You may also want to check out our local plant club called the Chicago Aquatic Gardeners Association . Here is the link.
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