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Hey there,

I'm Dan. New to the hobby, but excited at the possibilities.

I honestly got interested in a live planted tank due to the fact my apartment doesn't really get enough natural light for normal houseplants. This is a great alternative.

I love coming home and relaxing in front of my tanks to decompress from the day.

This is my first planted tank. I've had it going for about a month now. I have some more hairgrass ordered, as well as a couple Amazon swords to add to the mix.

As for fish, I only have a bristlenose pleco in there at the moment. Still debating what I want swimming in there :)

Looking forward to watching everything grow.

Any suggestions or critiques? I'm sure there are plenty.

Thanks for having me! I love looking at everyone's creations!

Bump: Since everyone will be asking:
This is a 29gal Tall. I'm using RO water.
I have a Fluval 70 Filter.
100W heater.
Finnex 24/7+ Planted Light fixture.
I JUST started with NILOCG Thrive liquid Fert today.
I have Flourish Tabs in the substrate.

Playing around with the idea of adding CO2. I bought a DIY kit but haven't set it up yet.


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