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So this is my first journal, but it is not my first tank. I have a 55G high tech that went threw a long growing process: Excel--> DIY CO2 ---> Pressurized within a month haha.

I dunno what got my interested in shrimp, but i think it is so cool that you can breed them and have vast colonies of shrimp within a small tank. I decided it wouldn't be that expensive to creat a tank so i set forth and bought one of those aquenon deluxe 10G kits, which isnt that bad for what you get: heater, an ok hood, nice HOB filter for shrimp, and of course the tank, only for about 60 bucks too.

I used eco-complete for my substrate. I had some left over flourite from when i set up my 55G so i put it on the bottom of the tank to reward roots that reach the bottom.

Filling up --- Bad picture sorry

I used my newly bought glosso for this tank after my loaches decided to uproot everything. I gave up trying to carpet that tank and will have to think of something else to fill the massive void in the middle of my 55G.
The culprits:

All filled up. Very happy with how the eco complete left no dust in the water.

The tank is looking bare because i plan on transfering the cuttings from my 55G into this one. The glosso needs to carpet, which may take awhile, and my flame moss needs to grow in as well.
My main concern is with the lighting. I dont know if it will be good enough to get good growth. I think its a 17W full spectrum light, not sure.
I also plan on dosing excel, but what other nutrients should i dose?

Ill keep it updated with growth progression.
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