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Heavy stained (tannins) water, please help

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I recently tried to do a Diana Walstad method tank, so far seems to be doing fine but the water is dark brown, like strong coffee, I used a cheap topsoil from Home Depot called EarthGro, I believe other people have used it ( and capped it off with sea carib eco-complete substrate. so far ammonia 0, nitrites 0 and traces of nitrates
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Hi I'm new here but I have a few things to say about purigen. It will clear your water quickly of tannins(if you are running a filter) but I found that the tannins from my mopani wood stained the purigen so I couldn't tell when it was exhausted. Water changes, an extra sponge and carbon from time to time is working for me. Seven months in and I still get tea water every so often.
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