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Heatpacks and shrimps?

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This is regarding shipping shrimp and heatpacks.

How hot does those heat pack gets?
I noticed they sell them in different Hours. If a shipping box is insulated too much, wouldn't the heatpack get too hot?
How many heat pack or packs do you put per 1 box shipment?
What Hourly heatpacks do most of you guys ship with?

Do you bag the shrimps first in a it's own bag, then put the heatpack by it with another bag over the entire piece? Or do you just leave the heatpack outside of the bag itself?

I never did this and is curious because I'm shipping some shrimps now.

Thanks in advance.
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The heat packs go from room temp to 100 degrees within 4-6 hours, then stay at 100 degrees until their time runs out (72 hours for 72 hour packs, etc.)

On the heatpack it says how big of an area it will keep warm, so you don't have to guess how many to put in, but usually one will do just fine.

I usually ship priority with a 72 hour heat pack, overnight with a 40 hour pack.

You make a separate compartment out of styrofoam for the heatpack in the box, so that it wont come in contact with the bags. I wrap my heatpacks in newspaper and then wrap the newspaper to a piece of styrofoam and put the foam in with the heat pad facing AWAY from the shrimp.

Or you can do what I do in medium rate boxes, which is make a middle compartment out of foam dividers and put the heat packs in their own little foam section.

-- liam
Thanks for the info. I was going to ask this same question, I got some heat packs coming so I can start shipping again.
Thanks so much. That gave me peace and mind knowing those informations you gave me. YOU ROCK! haha.
Ooh! Much appreciated the photo. Thanks! are really getting into!

Ooh! Much appreciated the photo. Thanks!
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