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Hey Guys,

I am experienced with normal tanks but a beginner in the planted world. Just had a couple questions about a 5.5 gallon tank that I have in my basement, and plan to use as a planted guppy tank in the future, but for now, just a quarantine for plants after I buy them, I heard the snails can be horrible! I live in New Jersey, and around October, things start to get cold. The temperature in my basement is probably about 65 F, and will, over time, get to be about 52 F. The tank has coarse but smooth gravel, and the setup is lit by a 40 watt desk lamp about one foot from the top of the tank; the hood is a combination of glass and translucent plastic. It has a Whisper 10i Filter and I also stuck an air stone in there. This keeps the tank at about 71-73F. What submersible heaters have you guys used in nano tanks? If you would be so kind, please either message me or post some links to quality heaters.


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Hi tetrabettaguy97,

Here is some information that will help you.
Thanks! Here is a picture: its still a work in progress !

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Hi Adam, if you want to post a picture you can use our attachment functionality, or host it at a web service like photobucket and then link to it.
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