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Heater shattered

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I just discovered that my heater shattered.

It was a cheap Chinese one.

My hornwort in the aquarium had been shedding hardcore. I wonder if this is why.

I just unplugged it and got as much out as I could.

What nasty things were inside it?
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I no longer buy glass heaters
It's best to buy heaters with emergency shut offs that automatically happen if its no longer submerged. The eheim Jagar seems to be a well praised non breaking brand, I use it exclusively now, great heater.
I remember about a year ago a 150w heater I had somehow got smashed and I put my hand in the tank to take a plant out and was electrocuted.

That was fun lol.
At least you weren't and that is good. Dangerous things those glass heaters.
What are the alternatives to glass heaters?

I have one fancy glass one with a shield and auto-cut off and digital readings, etc ... but my smaller tanks all have the old gladd variety.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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