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Heater Question

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I have a heater in my 55 gal tank that keeps the water at 82* when it's turned all the way down.
Is this going to be too hot for most plants?? As of right now I've researched the plants I have and this seems to be at the upper end of their perferred heat spectrum.

Without the heater my tank is only 72*, so I definitely need something... any suggestions as to what I should do? Or is 82* fine?

Oh.. and the plants I have are:

Red Ludwigia
Corkscrew Val
Cabomba caroliniana
Green Mondo Grass
Scarlet temple (telanthera roseafolia)
a fern that I do not know the name of...
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how are you measuring the temp? i had a little time and tem that worked great for a while and then always said 77-78 no matter what, then i looked at the sticky guy on the glass and it said 90!

needless to say the tamop probe was broke.
Sticky on tank has it in at 82* as does my floating thermometer. It's been stable at 82* for 2 days now... ever since I figured out how to work the heater.... initially I had it turned to the wrong side and heated my tank up so much it was off the charts... and felt like bathwater! EeK!:icon_eek:

It's def. at 82*... so should I leave it there or try to lower it? If so, how would I do it??
You can leave it there, my tanks stays that warm during the summer months.
However, you should be able to lower the temp. What kind of heater is it? More than likely there is a knob you need to turn counter clockwise, to lower the temp. Just make your changes slowly.
The heater is turned ALLLLL the way down... it's the heater that I got w/ the tank from another person used, and they had it set at halfway. When I put it in the tank set like that it shot my temp up to 95* or higher (my thermometer only reads that high) It's a TopFin 300w.

Weird, huh? And it's not my light either, the tank is at that temp in the morning too.
OK, this doesn't sound good.
I did a google for top Fin heaters, and here are 2 of the top 3 returns:
and on Petsmart's site, the reviews aren't exactly glowing (other than from a burn).

IMHO replace it.
If you replace it with a glass heater remember that when you put the new one in the tank, let it sit in the tank for at least 20-30 minutes before plugging in.
Heaters are not too expensive.. I have had great experiences with the Ebo Jager heaters (now owned by Ehiem) The Jager heaters are good solid heaters that I really never hear complaints about. You can pick on up on big als for a pretty good deal.
Thx for the advice, I ordered a Jager 250w last night from Big Al's!
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