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My first post... hello!

I have a 29 gal I'm setting up, and I am going fail-safe-fail-safe on it. I got an inkbird, and I had planned to do 2 heaters for redundancy so that I can follow the instructions in this
(at 3;40 he explains the setup). He says have Heater 1 (H1) with enough wattage that can heat the whole tank, paired with inkbird as the controller, set to a temp slightly higher than the shut off for the Inkbird. When water gets to the right temp, inkbird shuts H1 off. If Inkbird fails, H1 (hopefully) shuts itself off because it's set to just above InkBird. If H1 doesn't even come on because Inkbird failed and never turned on H1, (or H1 failed), your second underpowered heater H2 is there to save the day. It is set to slightly lower than the range, so only comes on if temp drops. If H2 doesn't turn itself off, it's underpowered anyway and won't fry everyone. If H2 never turns on (and H1 has failed), Inkbird alarm sounds (if Inkbird hasn't failed) because temp falls. I know this probably sounds like overkill, but I don't want my fish to die from something "preventable," and I don't mind the extra $.

ANYWAY, my question is - He says your primary heater should be the correct size for the tank. When talking heaters, I see a lot of advice saying to go with slightly over powered so that it minimizes the constant on/off cycle and the hard work that wears on a heater and leads it to fail. Using this method - where in theory the inkbird would shut off an overpowered heater before it fried your tank, would you go big or regular for that primary heater? Or, does the Inkbird sort of negate the issues with the heater wear? So would I go with a 150w and a 75w, or a 100w and a 75w, or a 100w and a 50w?

Also, I had chosen the Eheim Jagers... thoughts?

I did look at past threads about Inkbird and heaters, so I apologize if this is redundant. What an amazing forum with SO much to read! Thanks in advance!
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