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Hi everyone!

It's been a month now for my guppies to live in a non-toxic plastic container, and a week now since I have planned on setting my very first aquarium and there are things I'm not certain if I really need it.

I live in a tropics (Philippines), by the sea shore. Temperature in the morning specially at noon is really hot here like you need to take a bath and drink a lot of water otherwise you might collapse. At night though, it is cold that in the morning the top of our table (made of glass) would moist.

I have 5 guppies at the beginning, 2 metal red lace and i don't know the 3 (Females). 1 of the female guppies is pregnant and gave birth. Fries die (currently 4 left) and then days later 1 of the male guppies died (I think it was sick because the tail of it was clamped).

Does the fluctuation of temperature in my home affect the health of the guppy? Is a heater necessary? If so, I have a standard 30 gallon tank (36" in length) what heater should I get?

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