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HDMI vs. Optical/Coax

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What is the best cable for Audio Reciever that supports (Dolby, DTS etc..)

HDMI Cable or Optical/Coax Cable
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I spent some time googling this a couple of months ago.

It seems the HDMI-protocoll suffers from lack of (good) error correction:

For short distances the signal is perfect, but with lack of good error correction the signal will rapidly be corrupted after some distance:

So, if it's short distance I guess HDMI. Long distance - a good shielded Coax.
despite all the AV Hype technical articles, back in the real World, HDMI Cables can deliver perfect 1080p signal if you buy a well made cable. I'm not talking about so called "monster" please rip me off at the store cables, just an honest to goodness high gauge copper, well shielded, expertly terminated, cable.

If you read the reviews, you'll find these cables with independent test results listed at bargain prices. so there is no need to waste effort on optical cables for your home system. I bought a 15' HDMI to DVI cable for under $7 that's passed visual picture inspection with no sparkle at 1080p, and works perfectly for me at home.

I went through the same nonsense years ago when I had to decide between Fiber or Level-5e or Level-6 copper patch cables for my 1000mb Ethernet switches at work. If I found cheap but well made copper cable, I got perfectly good full duplex digital throughput. but like defdac points out; at great distances and a lot of twists and turns in the cable, you really should go with fiber.

Anyone who thinks copper is dead compared to fiber, think again. the IEEE already ratified a 10,000mb copper Ethernet spec, and such patch cables will be commonly available in 2008.

Ironically, with copper commodity prices going up so much thanks a fast growing World economy, fiber cables are becoming favored simply because they use cheaper materials when manufactured!

According to this FAQ, v1.3 HDMI may actually be better than Fiber or Coax when it comes to the Audio transmission portion.
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