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HC not looking so good...

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My HC is all covered with this brown stringy algae - kind of looks like hair.

It only attaches itself to the HC on the substrate. Other plants seem to be algae free. Does this mean my HC is dying?

I have a Finnex Ray2 and CO2 injection system on a 30 gallon. My drop checker is green (I'd say I do about 4-5 bubbles/second). I run both the light + CO2 on timer for 10 hours/day. Substrate is ecocomplete. I dose a bit of Flourish Comprehensive and put in a bit of Excel for algae treatment.

Doesn't seem to be working though! What am I doing wrong? Do I just need to be patient?
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It may have a micronutrient deficiency which leads to poor growth and immune response.
Need better substrate? Or root tabs?
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