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HC melting like chocolate on a double boiler!

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well the title was over exaggerating but I am having some HC melting problems. no it's not fungus or mold, no not algae, and no not the old mush problem. here is my setup: ADA aqua soil n Amazonia, regular tap water, Saran wrapped tank and two of these:

my room temp is usually 70-75 degrees via small heater. I bought the HC at my LFS that sells it submerged photoperiod is around 14 hours long :icon_eek: I uncover the Saran wrap to let it air out every time I mist which is every 1-2 days. I understand that with this many variables, it will be hard to give me advice. I will be happy and content if you just leave a suggestion or a link or two. here is my journal if you want more info. it's been about one well and I'm seeing very little growth :( the leaves are yellowing, then they eventually turn grey and shrivel up.
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If you look at my journal (link in sig) you see my progression though 7 weeks.

As you probably already know, you HC is transition from Submerged to Immersed. It's been 7 weeks now and although I am getting new growth it hasn't really took of like I expected. Also, I am still getting melt.

My suggestion for you is to buy more HC and fill. Skip the DSM all together. Remember to inject Co2.

I tried a bunch of things to get mine to stop melting. Like:

-Lowering water level
-Add low dose of ferts to spray bottle
-Air tank out every few days
-Spray daily
-Don't spray daily

I dunno, at this point I'm ready to fill.
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I would think your HC is transitioning which is why you haven't seen growth for the week. It has to transition before new growth can occur. Its going to have to transition back again after you fill the tank.
You also need a wet substrate, with the water level just below the top of the substrate. Dry start doesn't mean dry start.
You also need a wet substrate, with the water level just below the top of the substrate. Dry start doesn't mean dry start.
im just really scared of mold and fungus taking over. i have read too many threads on this and i think it made me kinda paranoid :icon_eek:
Plants that grow as both aquatic plants and as terrestrial plants are essentially swamp plants, that need to be in wet soil when not submersed. I don't think you need to worry about molds and fungus, as long as you don't keep the humidity at 100% all the time. Keep a small area of the top open all the time, maybe a square inch. The problems I have seen here on the forum were from keeping the water too high, so there are very shallow ponds scattered over the substrate. Those are stagnant water, very subject to problems. The substrate should be wet, not underwater.
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